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Callie Corless                                                                                          

Comprehensive Childbirth Classes - Birth Doula Services                                 

Denton, TX

Callie provides childbirth classes in North Dallas and Flower Mound, TX and birth doula services in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The Swaying Doula provides birth services for pregnant mothers and their families, as well as prenatal exercise and dance fitness to help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy and prepare their bodies for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Kinesio Taping & Prenatal Fitness

Callie offers private and group prenatal fitness classes/consultations and kinesio taping services for prenatal and postpartum aches and discomfort near Flower Mound and Denton County, TX. 

Kinesio Taping & prenatal Fitness

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise in North Dallas, TX

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise in North Dallas, TX

Kinesio taping for Prenatal and Postpartum Support

The benefits to utilizing kinesiotaping for new and expecting mothers are numerous:

  • Safe means of providing comfort. 
  • Abdominal Support - Prenatal and Postpartum
    • Supports abdominal gap
  • Belly support
    • Belly sling and wraps, alternative to bulky belly bands
  • Labor support 
    • Back Pain
    • Posterior baby
  • Provides support for sciatica, round ligament pain, low back pain, edema-covers a wide range of discomforts! 

    What does a session include? Sessions are personalized - simply fill out the "My Kinesio Taping Plan" form below, outlining your specific discomforts - and I will create a session tailored to your specific needs. Kinesio taping sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home. If you would like an urgent appointment - email me at

    Cost of Services: $30+ a session (approx. 30-60 minutes)

    *I will ask that you briefly check with your provider before taping sessions take place to make sure taping will be safe - and effective - for you. 

    Postpartum kinesio taping can help support core healing. 

    Postpartum kinesio taping can help support core healing. 

    For an AMAZING head start on fitness and nutrition for your pregnancy- schedule a "Food & Fitness" class. 

    Birth services in Denton and Flower Mound TX