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Comprehensive Childbirth Classes - Birth Doula Services                                 

Flower Mound, Tx

Callie provides childbirth classes in North Dallas and Flower Mound, TX and birth doula services in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The Swaying Doula provides birth services for pregnant mothers and their families, as well as prenatal exercise and dance fitness to help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy and prepare their bodies for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Belly Binding

What is Postpartum Belly Binding?

Postpartum belly binding provides support when your body most needs it - soon after you give birth and your body is recovering. The hormone relaxin keeps your joints and ligaments loose, and is released during pregnancy. This is helpful for birthing a baby, but can also make it more difficult to support healing in your pelvic floor, hips, and abdominals,and it continues to be produced while you are breastfeeding! 

Diastasis Recti is also a common occurrence associated with pregnancy and birth - the abdominal muscles separate as your uterus expands while your baby grows. These muscles may need extra support to come back together after birth. 

This is where Postpartum belly binding comes in - it's a tool that provides support for these areas while the body heals after birth. It is a long wrap that is positioned around the hips and belly. You may also use a customized herbal salve positioned under the wrap under a flannel panel to promote accelarated postpartum healing (if desired, this is included in your session).

When does binding take place?

After you book my services, you will let me know once your baby is born, and we will schedule your belly binding session for 3-7 days after birth or around 3-5 weeks after a cesarean birth to allow for proper incision healing.

Are there any other benefits to belly binding?

Belly binding can also help with posture, and subsequent relief from low back pain that often accompanies the first few weeks of postpartum recovery and care of a newborn.
As a birth doula, childbirth instructor, former prenatal fitness instructor, and a mother of 3 - I know how important it is to take good care of your core and pelvic floor health during pregnancy and after birth. Belly binding can offer the support needed to help coax these muscles to knit back together, and retrain them towards their proper position and functioning. This is also an important step to take before beginning any postpartum exercise program. 

What's included in your belly binding package:

- A handmade wrap sewn and prepared by me - custom cut to the size that will work best for you. 
- Postpartum herbs you can use to promote healing (I will show you how to apply) if desired.
- A belly binding session in your home where I will show you (and your partner/friend if they will be helping you) how to wrap for maximum support and comfort. 

Cost of services: $150 ($130 for doula clients)