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12 Great Uses For Nipple Cream

Callie Corless

So you’re out of the baby phase and you find yourself with leftover nipple cream such as lanolin or those fancy little tubs that cost a pretty penny. What to do? Don’t toss it out just yet! Gather up your (clean!) extras and put them to good use. Here is a handy list of things to put that cream to good use!

12 Great Uses For Nipple Cream

*Can you guess number 12???*

1. Diaper rash

(If you’re cloth diapering, check what you’re using with the diaper manufacturers instructions to avoid staining or damaging your diapers!)

2. Drool-induced baby chin chafing

3. Baby neck rash

I love CJ's Best Boobie Butter and would use it on diaper rash or baby neck chaffing. 
- Kristina Seawell - Doula and BBCI in central N.C

4. Lip Balm

5. Winter colds/dry air

I’m always using my lanolin sample tubes for chapstick. The best [use] I’ve found thus far though? Keeping my nostrils alive during cold season! You coat your [nostrils] with that stuff and it keeps them from getting too raw when you’re blowing your nose every two seconds! 
Kate Williams  - BBCI in Algonac, MI

6. Dry Hands

Calendula Oil! Ooh la la! I use it as moisturizer and a general fixer of problems.
- Jillian Blakeman - BBCI in Fort Worth, TX

7. Soften cuticles

8. Grease a door hinge

Need a clean getaway at bedtime? That cream can help take the squeak right out. 

9. Cracked heels

10. Rug Burns

(I saw this firsthand as I worked on this post - my oldest got a wicked rug burn from playing rough on the carpet and she loved putting some lanolin on it! It provided a barrier and kept it from bleeding as it healed.)

11. Cradle Cap

And the last, but definitely the most entertaining...

Number 12...

Chafed nipples!!

Wait, I thought this whole post was about being past that phase?!? 

Oh, but we're not talking about breastfeeding woes here. Breast-feeders aren't the only people who experience nipple pain!

Sometimes [my husband] irritates his nipples with a cotton shirt while running, lanolin heals them right up!
- Rebekah Lewis - BBCD - North Dallas, TX

I hope this list gave you some ideas to get started using up that extra nipple cream...what will you use yours for first??

*If I missed any fabulous uses for nipple cream, drop me a comment - I bet there are more ideas to be discovered!