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Callie provides childbirth classes in North Dallas and Flower Mound, TX and birth doula services in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The Swaying Doula provides birth services for pregnant mothers and their families, as well as prenatal exercise and dance fitness to help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy and prepare their bodies for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery.


The Swaying Doula - birth, pregnancy, and breastfeeding information and natural birth classes in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area including Flower Mound, Highland Village, Denton, Coppell, Lewisville, Grapevine, Irving, Plano, Frisco, and The Colony TX.

Birth Boot Camp Is NOT Your Mother's Birth Class

Callie Corless

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited to take a birth class. I signed up for the class at the hospital where I planned to have my baby, and it never even occurred to me that there were other options available.

I’m not going to say the class was terrible, because it wasn’t! Our teacher was very knowledgeable, she had a variety of props, some videos, pictures, etc. and the times we did have class discussion, it was often fairly engaging. The big downside was that I felt like everything I learned I already knew from the reading I had done (which was a lot!). After the birth of my baby, I felt like there wasn’t really anything I was able to draw from in class that contributed to my birth experience. It was a nice milestone during my pregnancy that I looked forward to and even enjoyed, but beyond that, there really wasn’t any value in it. We didn't practice anything, and how can you really expect to go into something you've never practiced, and expect to do it well? Most of the time, you will find that doesn't work out very well. Your birth class should provide you with much more, and that’s why I love Birth Boot Camp!

Why Birth Boot Camp is NOT Your Mother’s Birth Class

Modern curriculum for modern couples.

Some birth classes use manuals or materials that are outdated and could use a little freshening up. Birth Boot Camp is up to date, so you’re learning about the latest tools and information about interventions, exercise, newborn care, and more. Class also includes a full color 170 page manual(and a free breastfeeding video download!), so you are getting more out of it than just what you learn in class. When you consider what women were told about giving birth, feeding their babies, how to help babies sleep (and so on) 30 or so years ago, it’s easy to understand why having updated materials and information is definitely a must!  

Birth Boot Camp is for partners too

We are living in a wonderful age where we recognize that having dads and partners present for the birth can not only be helpful, it can help strengthen the bonds between you as a couple, as well as the bond between your baby and your partner. Unfortunately, a lot of partners enter the birth space feeling a bit unprepared! If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way your partner could learn the tools and information to feel confident being a support to you as you plan your birth that would be presented in a way that was engaging and memorable – Birth Boot Camp is the answer. 

Prepares you to birth in any setting

Some childbirth education focuses on birth in a certain setting. Birth Boot Camp provides the opportunity to discuss birth in multiple settings. Couples are able to learn about the benefits and drawbacks to each birth location. This can help you to feel more confident in the location you have chosen, or maybe even show you that you'd prefer to birth somewhere else. This is also helpful if plans change and you decide later on to switch providers or birth in a different location. You'll already know the ins and outs of a variety of settings, and you'll avoid the stress and worry of trying to cram in the education you need last minute. 

It’s about more than how you breathe

Birth Boot Camp covers a lot about relaxation(there are even relaxation scripts in your manual to keep with you) and what positions or things your partner/support person can do to help you cope with contractions and release tension. But a birth class needs to cover a lot more to prepare couples today to achieve the birth experience they want. 

In addition to relaxation, you’ll also learn about:

  1. Optimal nutrition during pregnancy
  2. Exercises to help you feel comfortable and prepare your body for birth
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. How to choose a provider
  5. Comfort positions/measures
  6. Avoiding unnecessary interventions
  7. How to handle different labor scenarios
  8. How to care for your baby
  9. Labor stages, birthing positions, and pushing
  10. Birth plans
  11. What you can do to reduce the risk of a cesarean
  12. A lot of helpful tools for your partner!

There are plenty more reasons why Birth Boot Camp can be a great class for you and your birth, but sometimes the statistics speak for themselves. Here are some outcomes from REAL couples like you who took Birth Boot Camp in 2015! 

Don't just hope for an AMAZING birth, 
prepare for one!

*At the time this blog post was written, the national average for cesarean birth is more than twice the percentage of Birth Boot Camp students who had cesareans births.

Callie teaches Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Classes and serves clients as a Birth Doula in Flower Mound and Denton County, TX. Some of her favorite things are birth, Brene Brown, her three precocious little girls, making new creations for her Etsy shop, and stashing treats in her closet for a rainy day. You can find her website at or contact her at