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Comprehensive Childbirth Classes - Birth Doula Services                                 

Flower Mound, Tx

Callie provides childbirth classes in North Dallas and Flower Mound, TX and birth doula services in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. The Swaying Doula provides birth services for pregnant mothers and their families, as well as prenatal exercise and dance fitness to help pregnant mothers have a healthy pregnancy and prepare their bodies for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Childbirth Classes

Callie provides natural Childbirth Classes in Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, and Denton County, TX for expecting couples. 

Childbirth Classes

Located in Flower Mound / Highland Village, and Denton, TX

The birth of your baby is one of the biggest events of your life - so how do you prepare for an amazing birth? By taking an amazing (and award winning) birth class. 

Looking for a full spectrum of support? Check out my birth packages, including doula services as well as birth classes, with a few helpful extras as well!

You only birth this baby once! Let's make it amazing.

Want to chat about whether these classes are right for you? I'm happy to answer your questions free of charge, let's talk!

Class Options:

Full 10-Week Course

(Classes listed below can also be scheduled as needed)

Reboot Refresher Class

Early Pregnancy Class

Siblings at Birth Class

Class Descriptions:

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10-week Natural Birth Series

This 10 week series is natural childbirth education, and offers so much more than your average birth class! Even if you aren't sure you want a completely natural birth, this class will prepare you for any outcome. You will have a toolbox of information to navigate the birth process with confidence, complete with relaxation and coping methods for you and your partner to use throughout pregnancy and labor. Want to know the in's and out's of birth in any setting? How about what you can do to reduce your chances of unnecessary interventions and cesarean surgery? This class prepares you to look forward to your birth with excitement, not fear! Join the ranks of prepared Birth Boot Camp students, and look forward to your AMAZING birth!

Birth Boot Camp Classes were voted THE BEST by the Fort Worth Child Magazine! 

Birth Boot Camp Classes were voted THE BEST by the Fort Worth Child Magazine! 

This class covers everything you need to know to prepare for your birth including, but not limited to:

  • Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise
  • Coping with labor techniques
  • Tools for Dad/Partner
  • Deep relaxation
  • Avoid unnecessary interventions and C-sections
  • How to choose and collaborate with your provider
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Newborn Care
  • Understanding phases of labor

When to take this class: Plan to start around 24-28 weeks. Register early to save your spot! If you need to start a little early or are a little farther along, have no fear! Contact me today to learn how you can still receive all the benefits of birth preparation.

Investment: $325 per couple- ($50 deposit to secure spot and materials, with the rest of the $275 paid in the first class.) 

If you attend my Early Pregnancy or Siblings at Birth Class, you will receive a $25 off coupon towards the full 10-week childbirth series!


  • Your 170 page full color class manual
  • A free video download of "Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE"
Couples birth preparation Flower Mound North Dallas TX

This class is for couples who have already had an unmedicated birth and want a birth prep boost to prepare for their new arrival. (approx. 3 hours for class)

This is what a reboot refresher class will do for you! 

Investment: $75 per couple - *Workbook included*

When to take this class: Around 36 weeks. Scheduled for individual couples as needed. 

Early Pregnancy Class

Moms-to-be and their partners looking for a head start to prepare for their best pregnancy and birth can sign up for one of the early pregnancy classes! When women take care of themselves well, they feel better during pregnancy and birth. This is a fun one-time class where you'll learn about nutrition, exercise, and mental preparation to give you an excellent foundation for a wonderful experience for you and your new baby. (This class is wonderful for early pregnancy, but is not intended to replace a birth class such as the full 10-week series.)

Class length: 2-3 hours

When to take this class: During the first few months of pregnancy

Investment: $45 per couple (group classes)  $60 per couple (private session)

Guidebook Included! Inside you'll receive a $25 off coupon towards the full 10 week series!

*To pay for class after registering, visit the bottom of this page!*

siblings at birth class

Hoping to include your child(or children) in the birth of their sibling, and to make it a positive memorable experience? As a mother, and a former preschool teacher, I understand how important it is to prepare children for the beginning of a beautiful relationship with their new sibling. This class is interactive, age appropriate, and prepares your child for birth, including what to expect. The Sibling Workbook is included for each child, and is designed for them to have their own personal guide for this birth! There's even a coloring page and a place to tell/draw their story of the birth of their sibling. Children love feeling like an important part of special family events, and this class is the perfect addition to your family birth prep. 

Class length: 1- 1 1/2 hours, taking age and personality into account

When to take this class: 4-6 weeks before your estimated due date.

Investment: $40 - additional siblings are $10

*Each sibling gets their very own workbook to keep!

Online Classes

Can't make a live class work? 

>>Click here for an AMAZING childbirth class online.<<

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Pay for Classes:

Pay For Childbirth Classes

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Birth Classes and Birth Boot Camp Education in Flower Mound and Denton County, TX